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Origin of Bad Driving in Dgte

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by PatO, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Murdercycles, trikes, PUJs and trauma teams

    The city I lived in in USA there were frequent motorcycle deaths. I used to work with a doctor who called them murdercycles after tending the the neurologically damaged (many without helmets-which just makes it much worse).

    Even with the somewhat lower speeds here, getting hit on a bike means near certain pain and hospitalization and probably your funeral.
    Injuries that you would survive due to good trauma teams in the US, you will not here.
    Also riding a PUJ and, worse a trike, your odds of winding up in the hospital or dead are increasing with every trip. These vehicles would not, of course, be allowed to operate in most first world countries. I guess the only thing a PUJ/trike rider can do is to genuflect (right word?) like I see the Filipinos do when riding in them. Good argument for driving yourself or taking a taxi-the best option. Taxis in Cebu were relatively cheap and you did not have to breath so much cr*p air, but from others posts, I think they are much more here?
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    That, just about sums it up. IMHO, it is NOT a First world Country, something, I think we all tend to forget. Welcome to the PI, it is not going to change in our lifetime.