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Photography Corner, Camera gear for sale

Discussion in 'Hobbies and special interests' started by Crystalhead, May 8, 2024.

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    I have 2 packages available for sale. Always thought the Forum should have a sub-forum for Philippines Digital Photography as by the most part, many Members with out question have Photography as a main hobby. As for now this will act as the go to thread for Camera gear. I invite all to add to this thread any components, accessories and enjoy pleasant conversation or trade on advice. Best regards and have fun. Any for sale items must post price please.

    1st- The SONY DSLT-A77, 24.3 Mega Pixal Images. HD Recording, 12 frames per second, Weather tight with strap, used like new, Comes with Camera Grip, Len's cover, Weather tight case, boom microphone, external flash with rechargeable battery's, charger with 2 Camera Battery's. USB Cable, Custom Users Book, 4 SD Cards. 22,000Peso

    2nd- The SONY A6000 DSLR - 24 Mega Pixal images, 11 frames per second, HD Recording, Used, like new, 3 Battery's, Tripod, USB Cable, charger system both Car or wall outlet, User's software CD, 2 Len's 1 being telescopic, 2 soft case's, camera and Len's cleaning kit. SD Card, Lens covers, 26,000Peso.

    PM here at Forum or EMAIL razzamatazed@gmail.com

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