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Purpose of This Section?

Discussion in 'Military and Veterans' started by Always a Poppy, Apr 15, 2020.

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    Earl, you definitely need to let USAA know what your travel plans are, they will cut your card off. You can do it online too once you have your travel plans (tickets) made. I suggest using BPI for ATM transactions, it is the only one I know of that allows you to take 20,000P in one swipe so you can save on the fees. Never had a problem using the debit card for any purchase in a store, just tell them to treat it as a credit card, if they try debit it won't work. No need to worry about how it shows up on your statement, it will reflect as a debit, it just has to do with the PIN number at the point of sale, their readers can't reach that far.
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    I have lived here 5 yrs, ex Navy (not retired). Arrived on visa, when you decide to stay, get the SRRV, only $1400 deposit with DD214, i think cheaper in long run, fewer hassles than renewing regular visa forever, not sure of ways of dealing with spouse.
    For banking, USAA very good in dealing with overseas, direct deposit into that account from gummint. Wire transfer might be a bit more expensive than some cheapies, but i believe a higher exchange rate makes it cheaper. Used BPI, got peso savings with atm card, and dollar accnt. Wire transfer into $$ from usaa, then free transfer into peso and use that.
    Remember, you can't own land but can own a condo. Good luck, nice place to live, lots of good friends, local and ex-pat. It's quiet, sorta slow, lots of "out of stock" because of island, but nice to deal with.
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    Great info! Thanks so much. I'll stay in touch.