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Raising a Child in the Philippines

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by PatO, Oct 5, 2023.

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    This is an interesting thread. I have three adult children here in the USA. One has a master's degree and is a math professor at a college. He will have his doctorate in one year. One daughter has her bachelor's degree and teaches English to people who primarily speak another language. And I have a daughter that just cares about herself and what she can have people give her by playing on their sympathies. Funny thing is they are 28 year old triplets.

    It just goes to show even though they were raised identically, they all have their own identity . My wife and I have no plans on having our own children as we are both in our 50's but my wife's sister just had a baby. Once we get there full time in about 6 years we will treat her like our own daughter. I am excited to see how she turns out versus my kids here with all the challenges and difficulties she will face growing up there.

    With family in two countries, what happens to both after we die is a small concern. But we live with the knowledge we have done all we can to prepare them for life, and can only hope they will take advantage of what they have learned and been given, and succeed.
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    replying and quoting about kids born out of the Philippines is irrelevant when comparing them to kids born here (apples and oranges)........your spouse does not become unfilipino or western minded just because she had the good or bad sense to marry you.....I am simply saying not to be nieve in thinking because you are here to steer them to follow your order to ignore some parasite family member that when the time comes and the family is broken whether you or her go first.....if it is the foreigner to go first......your spouse is not made of kryptonite..........to finish if you want to be sure that no boyfriend in the dark or cousin from the mountains takes your place better get your house in order, put your hard work/toil/life's being into a trust that goes to your kids........let them be the bearer of their name .......( i hope i said that correctly )
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