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Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by KINGCOLE, Dec 29, 2016.

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    I understand perfectly mate, I got caught with that one when neighbours got miffed over us driving our Tricycle over their lot, so they closed it off with only pedestrian access and we had to build a ramp to the highway via the other neighbours so the two camps could get Bikes out, and I had to sell the Tricycle as I had nowhere to park it unless I left it around 400+M away parked on the side of the highway... NOW: I bought the lot on the other side, beside them, where they drive THEIR Tricycle across OUR Lot. (I think you can see where this is headed! :smuggrin: hehe) The Land Owner/s on our other side are on good terms with us and wish to be paid handsomely to allow us Right of Way via a legal binding contract with surveying and property pegs etc marking the way. (so fingers crossed all will go well on that side) Meanwhile; I am allowing free access via our Lot, albeit; only wide enough for a Bike or Carabao to pass through. :wink:
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    I have also used him many times, I agree to his honesty in dealings, though I think he's starting to become more expensive, especially to foreigners and not as quick as he used to be. I say he, but most of the work on title transfers is done by his staff and he probably hasn't the time to manage them well enough to get the best results.