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Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by God Bless Texas, Oct 25, 2021.

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    Sounds like a job oppertunity for staging and photography, but then the realtor would need to actually ise the ipdated photos.
    Here is the phrase we all know.....why doesnt the ______ just do their job..... In this example, as the property owner, either make the agent update the photos between each tenant, or get a new agent.

    We did get some info on the cirrent market conditions; it is indeed slow with lots of inventory, especially if you are looking to buy an existing resort. Also adding to a slowdown is election season, it would seem the people with the financial means to make purchases are preoccupied with their time and money in their campains.
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    I would enjoy doing that and writing a proper description of a property - so many are weak lists and have inaccuracies the Realtors do not spot. Or they spot them but are not concerned. But I can guarantee that no Realtor here would employ someone to do that as most consider their efforts fine (and that is true for one or two) - for the others it involves including people in the photos, piles of junk, a rusty gate and other worst aspects of the property. Perhaps here they are just more honest and let prospective purchasers see it as it is (but then most will not give information on location or access but prefer everyone has a wasted journey) - the junk aspect of a property can be easily remedied by a new owner but he is going to have a hell of a job changing its location (and in the UK they say 'location, location, location' are the three most important factors and they give location down to the street and house number!).

    The owner of the property I rented in CdO owned a huge number of properties - many in a poor state - and other businesses and I think never checked the ads. If it was let then fine, if it was empty then fine. I am sure people do not check ads on their own properties because many property ads are full of errors and those errors remain for months.
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