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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Shadow69, Oct 16, 2019.

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    Hello all,

    First, I want to thank you for allowing me to join your forum. I've been coming to the Philippines every year like clockwork since 2006. I fell in love with the country and people from the very beginning. I did have exposure to the culture from most of my friends in San Diego and Daly City. Well, long story short I finally retired at 50 years old in July and moved to the Philippines in August. As for now I am residing in Bonificao Global City, in Manila. However, I've been to Dumaguete several times and really like the area and the vibe there. I really enjoy the slower pace of life compared to the hustle and bustle of the City. I'm seriously thinking of relocating to Dumaguete in August when my lease is over here. I was wondering if could get some advice better areas of the Dumaguete, that I should begin to look and visit as a potential home. With safety keeping safety as the # 1 factor as an expat. I fill relatively safe here in BGC and was hopefully looking for that same type of security in Dumaguete area if its available.

    I look forward to your input and advice.
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    what is your definition of safety? In property or relationship or what else? please explain and we are willing to give you good hints. Welcome to this crazy peaceful town of sometimes gentle people ...
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    I moved here from Bonifacio Global City. You will miss the restaurants and shopping.
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    I will just welcome you to the Forum and as a fellow retiree, have much fun on finding the coarse which is right for you and yours. Cheers!
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    Welcome to the Forum. I retired here almost 5 years ago at 55 and have mainly positive experiences. Certainly I love coming home anytime I visit Manila or Cebu - because of the laid back style of life here but it is not for everyone and I think has a lot to do with the relationship you are in, or looking for. I think Duma is far better suited to a quieter, coupled lifestyle. As to personal safety, I have never felt threatened - as I felt many times from my original home - but I stay clear of any business dealings and focus my romantic attention on my partner. I think this is true anywhere in the world, but particularly the Philippines and that is to lose your aggression, and become more sociable than you were in your original country. I have made lots of acquaintances and a bunch of good friends, where because of our retired and privileged position of relative costs can enjoy outings much more easily than we could in our homes. Unlike living in a metropolis where you can take taxi's easily, I think you will need to get transport here. I started with a big SUV and quickly moved to a motorbike, which I had never ridden before coming here and now totally love (except when it starts pouring with rain). Whilst PatO is absolutely correct about the restaurants and shopping, you can find your favourite restaurants and coffee shops and travel to the big cities every so often to get a fix of better quality and quantity - personally on balance I am satisfied with what I experience locally.

    Good luck with your decision and ask the members any specific questions you may have - mostly you will get good and informative answers.
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    I've been retired in DGTE with family for just 6 weeks now, although visited many times over recent years. I agree with the comments here. It's a safe city in my so far limited experience, with people who generally can't do enough for you. It's quite a busy place daytime, but already we seem to meet someone we know each time we go into the city centre, just like in a small town. Being a little older (62) I also get to enjoy the privileges of 'senior' status - cheaper public transport and entry fees and express lane queues at certain facilities (like LTO, NORECOII etc). Time will tell whether I/we get bored with life here, but being a small town guy and easily pleased, I doubt it. Not made any 'foreign' acquaintances yet, as been busy dealing with all the necessary official stuff since arrival and partying with extended family over the festive season, but I'm sure that will happen naturally in time. So far, no regrets and I'd recommend the city as a home to anyone who has an understanding of how the culture functions in this country. Certainly over manic Manila - who needs 30 minute queues just to get into SM Mall?!
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