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    As an expat for several years, I've been a member of several local forums, the majority of which are populated by 'Hooch's'. In the 1990's there was a popular alco-pop drink in the UK called 'Hooch' and the strap line was 'bitter & twisted'. I gave a colleague the Hooch nickname in my office because it suited him well! So - thankfully it is somewhat refreshing to note that I've yet to encounter any Hooch's here (yet).

    I congratulate DI for a well moderated forum. I appreciate that not everyone shares the same views, opinions or outlook on life; if they did life would be very mundane indeed.

    As a new resident of DC (well, Amlan to be precise) DI is an invaluable resource and I'm grateful for its existence. I am especially comforted by the willingness of members to help me out, share knowledge and provide a warm welcome.

    There are 'Hooch's' everywhere. Thankfully they seem few and far here. I know you 'ain't gonna please everyone all of the time - but for me, I remain thankful that new friends and helpful advice is only a few clicks away. Keep up the good work...
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