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Responsibility for Past Delinquent Subdivision Dues

Discussion in 'Banking - Investing - Finances' started by insite, May 12, 2019.

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    HLURB can be your "Friend" for you and your attorney.
    Thomas law will let you search for HOA cases.

    Without looking at a pdf copy of the actual HOA bylaws to shape your HLURB complaint additional information is just conjecture. Every year HOAs have to present their previous year books and a new set is stamped by HLURB in Cebu. Any homeowner or renter can request to see those books. The Treasurers books show receipts and expenditures. Who pays and who doesn't is shown. Banks require a board resolution signifying who must sign the checks which is retained in bank records and can only be changed with a HOA board of directors resolution.

    We all have to work to correct mistakes made by others or take the easy way and pay up!

    shakey aka John
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    If it was me, I would try to negotiate a settlement. Apparent mistakes or omissions on both sides and now the water issue makes this something you just want to go away. Going after your lawyer might be a real goat rodeo here and cost you pesos.
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