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  1. kelpguy

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    i think the Duma area road improvements in the last 10 years are simply wonderful. i recently read, on the Negros Chronicle, that they are moving forward with the Diversion rd/Rovira dr intersection at Camanjac and they have roughed out the section north of Rovia dr that connects to the Sibulan section of the Diversion rd so a person can now drive the Diversion rd from Sibulan to Camanjac.

    too much time on my hands

    here's a look at the Diversion rd project to date;
    the measurements below are approximate, taken off of google maps.
    i'm using 'section' to identify various lengths of the Diversion rd project.
    i attempted to show the whole project in the attachment but it could use some improvement.

    section one; https://goo.gl/maps/iAaLcNhbE5X7zFgV6
    from the national hi-way at Sibulan to Camanjac
    all is finished except for newly roughed in stretch of about 100ft at the Rovira rd end of the pavement. it is open to traffic so a person can go from Sibulan to Camanjac on the Diversion rd.

    section 2; https://goo.gl/maps/wzu7mktsng4JxXzs9
    there's about 100ft, on both sides of the Rovira rd. the part on the north side of Rovira is drivable now. the bit on the south side of Rovira hasn't been roughed in yet.

    section 3; https://goo.gl/maps/JD5jNzmtTfCnwna49
    centered on the map. just north of the Palinpinon rd.
    this section is in the finishing touches.

    section 4; https://goo.gl/maps/afoRMqV7FXafiuuD8
    the green area centered on the map. it's under construction and paving has begun but it's not completely roughed in and there's a small bridge to be built.

    the red pin, upper left, is Camanjac/Rovira rd. intersection

    section 5; https://goo.gl/maps/TVUix9EexYxEttUT8
    north of Palinpinon rd
    this section is in the finishing touches
    zoom out and move a little up map to the left and you can see section 3.

    section 6; https://goo.gl/maps/YC1z8RHAomEtNBMh8 (center of the map)
    section 5 is top center
    upgrade to Q. Gomez from Palinpinon rd to the Valencia/Duma rd.
    about 1/2 paved but there's still a section on the Palinpinon end to rough in.

    section 7; https://goo.gl/maps/fFSnXuJLHtrgyFi39 (center of the map)
    from the Duma/Valencia rd to the Bacong/Valencia rd
    i haven't been on that stretch for a couple of years but it was pretty much done back then except for a bit south of the Rusi track. maybe someone could update us.

    is there anyway to enlarge the attachment?

    diversion rd.jpg
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  2. Ozzyguy

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    I don't know.
    But wouldn't that involve logic.
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  3. charlyB

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    Before i get any comments stating that i am moaning and complaining and reminding me that this is a 3rd world country and if not happy f**k off back where i came from i would like to stress that this is only a suggestion i would like to give to the person in charge of road works in my area if i thought they would listen to me, i know they would not listen so i am just airing it here.
    I am delighted to see all the road improvements going on but there are only 2 roads to get from Valencia proper to where we live and both of them are being worked on at the same time and have been for a long time and it will continue to be a long time before these projects are finished (road widening and flood canal digging)
    This means there are a couple of areas a bit tricky to pass in a car (a motorbike would be no problem)
    My suggestion to the in charge would be, instead of splitting your forces and having 2 small groups working on 2 separate areas get them all together to finish one area then move on to the next.
    This would mean at any time one of the 2 roads would be safe for 2 way traffic.
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  4. kelpguy

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    tnx for the section 7 update, AaP...
    i went by the, short, camanjac unpaved section north of rovira today and it's closed off while they grade it in preparation for paving. there's a workaround, which resembles a river bed in boulder, colorado, usa, at the end of the sibulan section; best suited for x-c riders!
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