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Food & Grocery Robinsons car park

Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by charlyB, Jan 7, 2022.

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    I thought all the congestion at Robinsons might die down a bit after Christmas and new year was over but not so, the last 2 days we went there i had to abandon it as no parking spaces.
    We parked at the waste ground across from the market place and started to walk to Robinsons but a security guard informed us that it was not allowed and only for market place customers, i think he was looking for payola or some kind of xmas bonus but no chance, i moved the car to the street beside city hardware then walked to Robinsons, this does not bother us as we are both able bodied and fit enough to walk but obviously not ideal if you have many heavy bags of shopping, i digress but does anybody else on the forum have to tell the person who packs the shopping bags not to pack too many heavy things in one bag, sometimes they seem offended by this request, maybe they get a bonus for not using too many bags.
    Does anybody know when the new Robinsons car park is going to be usable or is it to be like the bypass road ?
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    Probably next Christmas or the Christmas after ........
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    Doubt it will have much affect - an overloaded bag's handles broke just after I left Lee Plaza and the bag dropped to the ground (luckily the bag without glass bottles) as I was on the 'Zebra crossing' (aka 'the road') and, as my back was a problem at the time and I was carrying other bags, I was unable to bend to pick it up. I just stood there unable to do anything until a man kindly picked the bag up and placed it in my arms. Thanks to you if you are reading this. Btw, he was one of the minority around, being a guest of this country (probably American or Canadian) so thanks for having foreigners here.
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