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Safety in Local Bars

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by Canadianized, Dec 29, 2015.

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    Having lived in Dumaguete 10 years ago for over two years, I can attest Dumaguete has always,(since at least 2006) been a potentially dangerous place. young drug influenced gangs roaming the streets at night, Bloods and Crips, kinda a joke compared to the real ones though. The fraternities are far more dangerous Akro etc. Then you have the drug related ongoing criminal activity which usually does not affect foreigners much, unless you get caught in the crossfire. On top of that there is a very active Muslim mafia here. They run and control many criminal activities and are tied in to the local police, NBI, and the PNP. They have connections in the south and have been known to import "operatives" to Dumagete to pull of a hit or a "job". Then the police, NBI, and ex military guys are running all kinds of games, and criminal activity. This is the largely invisible bad stuff to most foreigners , especially ones who live in Valencia in a safe compound commute to McDonalds for breakfast them scoot home again, with perhaps a weekly foray to the Bvd. for dinner.
    just know your surroundings, travel at reasonable times of the day, change your daily/weekly route to the bank, and remember you are the foreigner here, always will be, and the guest of the Philippine people.
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    Sometimes as it often happens people drink too much and let their guard down. It's not something they would likely do in a sober state. When cowards see someone who over steps certain boundaries and these people are too drunk to protect themselves they often swoop in like the cowards they are to beat these people up. I believe that these cowards would not confront anyone if they were sober and they certainly would not fight anyone 1 on 1 with a sober person. I don't care what happened prior to this incident. The low life who attacked him and walked away are COWARDS!

    In my mind, not only are these culpable but the bar owner and bar manager!
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    Absolutely last warning on the conjecture on this subject.

    1. an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.