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Shipping costs for a car

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by lukasadrian, Mar 21, 2022.

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    I don't know.
    Re-possessed cars are a good way to go here in the Philippines, 3yrs ago I bought a Honda Mobilio at 64% of the new price it had only had 9.5K on the clock and had been driven for 11 months before it was taken back, in had lain in the BPI Bank stockyard in Cebu for 5 months and every few weeks they had reduced the asking price, perhaps the reason no one had bought this was because it had a large dent in the plastic bumper at the rear end (a kettle of boiling water sorted that problem out) as soon as I picked this up I went to the nearest Honda Garage to get a a safety check done on it before driving it to DGTE, it just so happens this was the Garage that had sold the car when new, they ended up given it the regular service for the given mileage and then told me the new car warranty is still valid for the next 20 months, this car in my opinion is just the perfect car for here, it is a 7 seater has the Honda Ivtec 1.5ltr engine which produces 120BHP linked to a CVT gearbox, performance wise it is the best in its class at that time, compared with the ugly Avanza or the Suzuki Integra, one month ago my wife drove it up to Cadiz with 4 adult women well really it was 3 but two are Fat feckers, 3 children and 42 Pigeons the birds were just booked for a one a one way trip, half of them stayed up there they must have liked it? the other half flew back home, however for the journey of 550klms the car returned 17klms per ltr of fuel=to 50MPG Imperial, it has had 3 services by Honda to maintain the warranty and the two front tyres replaced at 30K other than batteries it has had 3 new ones fitted this has been a trouble free car, around the town mostly short journeys it returns around 9klms per ltr not bad when you consider AC is used most of the time?
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