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    That dialog box is being created by a Firefox add-on you have installed called "NoScript". It's not an error message coming from the forum (and technically that is a "status" box, not an error message). I'm not familiar with the add-on but if you click on the "options" and allow all script on DI that should cover the ones that are being blocked and also change the settings for where, and how long, that status message is displayed.

    Note: you might have to do that a few times on certain pages/sections of the website since there are different scripts for each section and the way Google calls up ads may change depending on the type of ad being displayed. I did install the add-on myself but found it too much of a hassle and removed it after about 15 minutes of screwing around with it. Powerful little add-on that would be great if ya spend a lot of time on p0rn or other similar sites that excessively throw ad scripts all over the place. Also worth mentioning that the add-on really screws with the functionality of the site after the ad-blocker is disabled.

    If anyone is concerned with the script running on this, or any other, site please feel free to test it for yourself. Here are a few sites that will fill ya in:
    VirusTotal - Scan Report for dumagueteinfo.com
    Google Safe Browsing Site Status - dumagueteinfo.com
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