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    I don't know.
    You may be surprised just how easy it is to produce Smoked Bacon, Fish or Cheese, the easiest way to start is by cold smoking and all you need to get started is a box/container even a cardboard box will suffice, but any sort of BBQ Grill is even better/safer, the other item is a Cold Smoke Generator very cheap less than P500, will post a Link to this, now rather than go into any great detail and give a step by step instruction, there is plenty info on You Tube can instruct you better than I can, I will just tell you the basics; first you have to salt the pork a few days, either by the dry or wet method, then into the Smoking container/BBQ along with the CSG, this needs to be filled with sawdust and requires a tea candle to start it off, the sawdust does not have to be any special wood and even Coco wood will do to start off with, I then smoke it for 4hrs. I have heard that Germalina Wood is one of the better ones to use here? using the above method will give you a fairly decent product and far better than anything available in the supermarkets, there is much better products out there sold by some Ex-pats, but at anything between P600 to 1000 a Kilo, I will just make my own from the Pork I buy at P220 per KG.

    The Link; Sfyre Smoke Generator for BBQ Grill Smoker Wood Dust Hot Cold Smoking Salmon Meats Fish | Shopee Philippines
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    It's called Nona's Place on Bishop Epifanio Surban Street behind Bethel Hotel.
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