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Pets & Animals Sometimes age matters

Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by Dave_Hounddriver, Jun 20, 2018.

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    I was in Robinson's Mall, with my gf, yesterday. She has been complaining about headaches from playing on her cell phone. I told her it's because she is glued to it 24/7 but she says it is because she thinks she needs reading glasses.

    So back to Robinson's Mall: We were strolling by an Optician's shop and I spied reading glasses on sale so we went in. They were ugly as sin and that's likely why they were clearing them out at 45 pesos but when I asked if my gf could try on a pair the salesgirl said:

    "Sorry sir, we cannot sell reading glasses to anyone under 45 years old"

    I thought I had misheard so I asked for clarification. She said:

    "If they are for someone over 45 I can sell them for 45 pesos but if the buyer is under 45 then we need to do an eye exam and sell prescription glasses."

    Now I know the thought going through some of your heads. Why didn't I buy them for myself and give them to her? I wanted her to try a pair on to see what magnification she needed and if she liked them.

    So we walked out of the shop and into the department store so she could try on a pair of reading glasses. Turns out she doesn't like or need them. She just hoped her headaches were not related to spending so much time on the phone. Sorry. the headaches are from cell phone addiction.

    But isn't it strange that a 26-year-old adult female cannot decide for herself if she wishes to make a purchase? Only in da Philippines.

    PS: The stupid "pets and animals" prefix is because the forum would not let me post this without a prefix. I should be glad the forum does not ask me for proof that I am 45
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    Wouldn't it have fit better under "Health and Wellness"? Maybe you didn't see that option. Perhaps you could have used the reading glasses? :wink:
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