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Suggestions on transferring my money to me from the states

Discussion in 'Banking - Investing - Finances' started by Lizard68, Jun 14, 2022.

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    I don't know.
    It is true that US banks have very bad exchange rates.

    Philippine banks have very competitive exchange rates. This is why it is best to transfer money into a US dollar account here in the Philippines first and then convert it into pesos here.
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    I did this through Chase Bank and I got whatever the current exchange rate was. I can assure you there wasn't a 3% markup. I would suggest you verify with the bank you are using and not trust a tool designed to sell one service over another.

    Edit: Thinking back (over 5 years ago) I may have done the currency conversion in the Philippines. Here is the cost to send $100k USD to a USD account in the Philippines. I assume that when you have a USD account at a PI bank and withdraw you can get the currency at the current exchange rate.

    PNB Currency
    Buy Sell
    USD 52.85 53.55

    Currency Buying (in PHP) Selling (in PHP)
    (USD) 53.05 53.55

    You image show 53.335 exchange rate, which is a plus. I haven't run the numbers, but it should be a little cheaper overall. Your images show a max of 480k pesos so may be an issue for a large transfer.

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