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Review Tapatalk and DI

Discussion in 'Expat Section' started by furriner, Jun 4, 2019.

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    There are two threads I have been involved in that cannot come up when using tapatalk, one involving aircon and another involving a damme. In my experience, this has happened several times before on other threads when they became controversial and it might be because the high activity results in software access errors, for example, when the database is accessed too often or simultaneously. Far from being the expert on that, once that happens the thread is no longer accessible to me using tapatalk so for me, the discussion is over. I do get noticed when I am quoted but I cannot respond until I go to the web application which is somewhat inconvenient in my case. For example, I am prone to typos and sorry if I cannot take note of them when members so dutifully point them out lol. Thank you.

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