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Tomatoes And Peppers

Discussion in 'Horticulture' started by ShawnM, Mar 10, 2015.

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    Recently there has been quite a few ripe tomatoes in the market. They are not too bad sliced with some salt and pepper, I think I gave the local tomatoes a bad rap as I had mostly had them in dishes or tasted them when they were still fairly green. Not the best tomatoes I've had but decent when ripe. We are saving[​IMG] a number of seeds to try and grow them later.

    I think we are all familiar with the smaller local red "bell" peppers, tastes similar to the green bells I grew up with but not exactly. I collected some seeds and direct sowed some after a week of letting them dry out. They germinated much faster than any pepper I have tried to grow from seed so I am curious to see how they do.

    I'm honestly experimenting quite a bit to see what will grow here...I know my dirt and drainage is good, but what seeds work or not is really working out to be quite the challenge. Tomatoes and peppers seem to be a no brainer when you look at the temperatures here but I have not had nearly the success I would have expected.

    I think the sweet corn is doing well and the okra and grape tomatoes are hanging in there but am a bit surprised to see some flowers on the tomato plants today when they are so small. I will pinch the flowers off tomorrow so they can concentrate on growing the plant not the tomatoes.

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    I visited Kelpguy (Norm) yesterday a pick up a lot of new information. It had been about a year since my last visit since his road is not user friendly. He is into growing things there. He had some renewed luck trying Korean Natural Farming methods to modify his soil conditions increase his crop yields.

    I can get peppers and tomatoes to grow, but I have limited results getting them to fruit.


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    Dave....it maybe the fert you are using, it has no potash......i found a agrivet shop in market area that sells a lower blend that you said you were using, off the top of my head i think it was only about 12-12-12 but it also has mag and cal and zinc as trace elements.....my tomatoes have powered on since using it and branches are breaking under the weight of the fruit....well nearly :happy:
    just as a side note, im having the same problems getting ripe fruit, she keeps picking them green and eating them as soon as they show a bit of colour :(:(
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