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Passport Question US dollar Demand Draft for US Embassy Manila - Urgent

Discussion in 'Passports and Visas' started by vox212, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. Sedona

    Sedona DI Forum Adept

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    I just renewed my US passport last Dec. I do not have an account at BDO, but my wife does. She purchased the bank draft payable to the US Embassy in her name using her account (you have to use US dollars to purchase the bank draft with). No problems.
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  2. OP

    vox212 DI Junior Member

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    The US Embassy in Manila told me in a responding email that a relative or friend can get the Dollar Draft for you. This is for all of expats that do not have a dollar account. Draft must be obtained at BDO, BPI or at Security Bank. No other bank accepted. We did have to show the US Embassy email to the bank manager stating it was ok in order to convince the BPI bank manager to process the draft. He was quite skittish to do it as he had never done one before.

    A friend got the dollar draft for me and it was accepted at the US Embassy.
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  3. dene.roloff

    dene.roloff DI New Member

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    Thank you for your response. Which BPI branch did you use?