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    We have our son pick up the medication at his local pharmacy in the US. We don’t ship US controlled substances; for one thing the rules are getting very strict over there. He would have to get the original prescription at doctors office and then show suitable ID to have it filled; it may not be possible to do this. We have a medication, a synthetic thyroid hormone, that is not available here, only in the US. Apparently treatment regimen is different here but doesn’t work as well. For the prescription non-narcotic medication he does ship, we use the “expensive” (around $200) DHL option. We never had to pay customs and it has good tracking, arriving here in 7-10 days. The customs paperwork is always honest as to contents and we have never had a problem. I myself use an online Singapore pharmacy for a non-narcotic pain reliever which is legal but not available here for some reason. I never had any problems with that. Not so much a “medication” but still prescribed to me for life is vitamin B-100. It contains most of the B vitamins in doses of 100 (mg) thus the name. Although specific b vitamins are available here, I cannot find B-100 so I purchase a large amount when in the US and online here when needed, usually from lazada but now they are out of stock.

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