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    One of the many culture shocks when first arriving in the Philippines, is the condition of street dogs and cats. They should all be round up (every single one) and if a good home cannot be
    found for them then they should be put down. IMHO
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  2. Show Pony

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    Here is a website with some pretty good information on rabies, it's transmission, treatment etc.
    CDC - Exposure: When to seek medical attention - Rabies

    The treatment here in the PI uses the same drugs as in the US but follows a very different schedule for injections.

    The post exposure section has one very interesting tidbit. "If a person has previously received post exposure vaccinations or received pre-exposure vaccinations, only two doses of vaccine (on the day of exposure and then 3 days later) are needed. Human rabies immune globulin is not required. Your doctor and local health department will be able to guide you through the process." (Maybe).
    At least the next time I get bitten it'll be two shots only.
    "For people who have never been vaccinated against rabies previously, post exposure anti-rabies vaccination should always include administration of both passive antibody and vaccine."
    The passive antibodies are the expensive shot.

    If I had kids here I would consider get them vaccinated against rabies as it is very common here in the PI and sooner or later they will get bitten.
    I don't know if anyone here does this as it's not cheap. On the bright

    I trust the CDC information more than other sources.
    Comments in quotes are from the CDC website.

    The local vet in Bacong charges about 100 Peso to vaccinate one dog.

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  3. Andrew

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    Only last week I was wandering around Tanjay and right outside the school there (one block behind the main road) they were providing free Rabies inoculations for dogs. Several owners were queuing (yes, WITH their dogs - before someone mentions the obvious joke there)- good to see. Of course it should be eliminated (ideal world) and I know stray dogs are the main culprits, but in any event at least there is an awareness and some preventative measures are being introduced.
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    These dogs are pests, especially to kids who are terrified of them. I did hear about a policy of shooting stray dogs if they are on the streets after dark by the police but never heard of this happening.
    A neighbor has a few dogs who think they rule the roost and quite often they are roaming the streets after dark fighting.
    They have learnt not to come near hear due to a good catapult which I use on them.
    They are covered in mange and disease, people should be banned from keeping animals who don't care for them.
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