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Wake up!

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by scorpion1958, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Hello guys and ladies!
    Being here in Negros since 2008, but not always here in Dumaguete, and not always Internet. Now I cleaned up my mail and stumbled over a reminder from DI, that i had registered years ago, but never spoke up

    The first link on that mail directed me to the member Justice55 who had issues posted in February, and lots of other members had real ideas which were already mentioned they failed.

    So my impression is half of the active members don't really digest what they read and just trying to express good will. Unfortunately, goodwill without backup doesn't help, does it?

    To Justice55, I hope you catch that, my Bank account is in Vienna, as far I understood yours is with DKB in Germany. If you connect yours with Transferwise and start using their services, and talk to the customer support, add your wife and sign her up for a borderless account, Identification in Transferwise works also with Filipino documents! The borderless account in EURO will provide her with Bank details as if she had a Bank account within the SEPA-Zone, by any good luck even like a German Bank account, but SEPA is like everywhere in the EUROZONE like one country. And except the transfer fees of 0.99% of the amount there are no other expenses at all! Just take a look:
    A bank account in Europe for free! That's even cheaper than your DKB, isn't it?
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