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want to meet member pickled_newt about Bulgaria

Discussion in 'Expat Section' started by Greyfox, Jan 25, 2012.

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    Hello pickled_newt,if ever you read this
    I saw somewhere in one of your posts that You are aside of Dumaguete also based in Rhodope mountains,Bulgaria.
    I am very interested in this area and would like some information about it,I only know it from internet searches and fora yet and have never been there.Normally I should send You a Pm,but either I am too dump for that or not yet entitled because new registered.
    Ok,it would be good if we could meet for some food and drink somewhere in Dumaguete to talk about that subject.
    I just put my cell phone number and You could send me a text. 09195712936
    I hope this is not against forum rules! If somebody else knows pickled_newt or how to find him I would be happy about a text also. Best wishes! Wolfgang
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    a friend of mine is going to blg soon to start a wine import business to the states. hehas been sending me all kinds of info and photos. is is not expensive there and the people are very friendly and helpful. looks very clean and modern-- just emerging from the 3rd world and has tremendous potential for business. JL