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Wanted american caught in Dumaguete

Discussion in 'News and Weather' started by reich31e, Nov 27, 2014.

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    Court records showed an assault on a 14 year old girl years ago in Florida as well as the statutory rape of the 15 year old in the comment section..The little 8 year old Florida girl was being groomed for sexual activity.Two other family members confessed to being molested as well as his mother in law.They have nothing to gain by these accusations.Some of these people are family members and some where not.So you have to ask yourself how many people do you know have been accused of these acts this many times.
    Pedofiles commits these acts for many years with many victims.Some will never be caught.Many flee to third world countries where they can prey on disavantaged youth escaping justice. And for the ex that made the comments I am a victim of sexual abuse.Would like to have further conversation with you but not on this forum.By the way I heard Tommy was released from California jail but was rearrested.Did you hear this?
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    [DOUBLEPOST=1439480055,1439479878][/DOUBLEPOST]You can chat with me via FB if you like .. On Private Messenger ..

    I have a notion he will be in jail for a long time..

    Let me know how to contact you..