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Review Best Posts in Thread: what are you having for dinner ...me "fish and chips from Zaks place

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    Thank you , you're always welcome.
    I'll be searching for fresh dorado this morning, exhausted my supply yesterday. At the same time yesterday I baked bread all day, white and whole wheat rolls and loaves of any given size. So I need flour and yeast , too. Several of my customers have shown interest in my bread and I'm only too happy to help out when possible. As soon as i acquire the necessary ingredients I'll continue baking this morning.
    Today I'll also have pork fillets, I'll be sauteing with fresh apple slices, a squeeze of lime juice , white wine and a creamy mushroom sauce. But please, don't hesitate to ask if you want them cooked any other way and the same applies to all my dishes. If you want fish poached... no problem. If you want it baked in the oven , also no problem unless the oven is already full of baking bread. However, I think it's possible I could install another oven..... mmmmm... I've already got two fryers on the go which is all well and good if I'm working alone but if not, then I have to think of the safety of my crew. So we'll see.
    Finally, come about 18:00 I'm getting a tad tired, drenched in sweat ( I do always carry a change of clothes) and not just a little grumpy. Especially if I'm having to go up and down those stairs time after time. Just ignore me and any expletives you're not really meant to hear.
    I hope you all have a great day, take care.
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