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    Sorry to be negative but there is no better here,drop names in a hat and pick one,and as goes for customer service please let us all know if you find anything like that also!
    Saying that don't do wireless it sucks,go for wired if possible and good luck.
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    Whenever I got that answer before I immediately canceled even if it would leave me out of service for a bit. But also if you cancel if you wait a week open up a new account in someone else's name maybe be it yours, the wife/gf, or figuring something out. Technically with how they generally work here you could cancel an account and open a new one a week later after the disconnection goes through and its completely legit. Of course their would be the new install fee and whatever which would suck.
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  3. btd

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    I also use the 50 Mbps Sky package and it's been excellent. No major problems. A couple of brief outages (max 2 hrs) a couple of times within the first two weeks after installation, but no problems since.

    One thing to add that hasn't yet been mentioned... Sky only has routers available for 16 Mbps and up for new accounts only. I imagine this will change at some point, but that is the current situation.

    Ultra High Speed Plan 50Mbps
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  4. sudowpa2ph

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    I don't know.
    It all depends on where you live. I live inside the city so I have a few choices to pick from.

    I can choose from PLDT (head inserted in @ss), GLOBE (Most restrictions placed on data), and SKYCABLE.

    I had PLDT DSL but the fastest I could get and paying 4,500 (includes internet and telephone) was 8MB Down/1MB Up. In people's terms that would be 800k download max and 100k upload max. This doesn't mean you won't have issues. 30% of the time PLDT went down. They claim they were working on it, but I am sure one of these most important wires was cut or wasn't properly secured. I was able to get PLDT all the way in Caundau-ay. I could get GLOBE but had to be outside. I couldn't get SKY, too far away.

    I moved closer to the city and more options opened up to me.
    GLOBE use to have unlimited internet but not anymore. They have something called "bill shock" give it up to the Philippines to make something simple, so d*mn complicated.

    Let me explain bill shock:
    Lets say you get the 12MB download plan and your max datacap is 5GB per month. This is for 999php.

    Lets say you go over the 5GB in the month and ever MB you are charged 2php.

    Now in sane people's minds. This will be super expensive if you continue over your 5GB.

    Well, you will be charged all the way up to 1,499php and that is where they will stop charging you the 2php, but you can still continue using the internet. It will not cut off. They won't tell you this. They will lie with a smile, but they will slowly decrease your speeds if they find out that you are hogging more bandwidth that they give you permission to use.

    So, what they told me is that 1,499php will always be the final price if you are heavy user. They will write off (???) any other amount that is >1,499php

    So, lets say you use 5GB for the month. 5GB plan is equal or less than 5GB. You pay 999php.

    Lets say you go over the 5GB and you are now up to 5.5GB. That is 500MB more.
    So, what they will do is charge you 100MB times 2php equals 200php.

    So your bill will be: 999php plus 200php = 1199php

    Now lets say you use 500MB:
    5GB equals the 999php
    500MB times 2php = 1000php
    So, total is: 1,999php

    So, this is where it gets interesting.
    You are now 499php over 1,500 (bills shock)

    So, the bill you will have the pay for the month will be 1,499php ONLY!!

    the 499php they lost from you over using based on the contracted plan is written off.

    There is also SKYCABLE:

    I have skycable and I pay 2,800 which includes 50MB download (5MB actually download per second) and 5MB upload (500k actual upload speeds per second). This also includes the 299 cable package in the deal for cable television.

    That is a pretty good deal to me. Especially when PLDT was charging 4,500 for only 8 down/1 up.

    Like I said. You have to be in the area that will give it to you.

    The reason why PLDT can expand more is because it uses the existing telephone lines that were planted in the grounds decades ago. If you want to use SKYCABLE, you must go where the CABLE lines are.

    Also will say that you will have a better luck with GLOBE wireless if you live close to an HSPA+ or LTE tower then your speeds will be good. If its 3G, then forget it. Also, GLOBE does DSL as well and they can expand more just like PLDT does.

    but one more kicker. Someone will own the phone lines to your apartment or house. You must find out who owns them before signing the contract.
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  5. skarfeys

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    Sky cable and PLDT are pretty reliable if you download a lot i don't recommend Globe because of its FUP which slows down your connection if it detects you're using a lot of bandwidth, globe also has data capping you can only use 1 gig per day i think.
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