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Event Best Posts in Thread: What time will you restore the power? Its pass 5 already. Its almost 6! What's up with that?

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    Not Norecco II's fault.... yah right. Last 5 days I have had a power outtage where I live 4 of those days (3 of them just short outtages 20 minutes or less). In the last 2 weeks I have heard the transformer blow a few times. This is from overloaded transformers and p*ss poor planning from Norecco II who are trying to cheap on everything while charging us up the a$$. Yes, NGCCP (or however its spelled) does cause a lot of brownouts imagine how many less we would have if Norecco II and its buddy companies actually built and maintained a proper grid and current.

    If only we could have everyone in Dumaguete bring Norecco II bills for all the costs of dead appliances, dead surge protectors, dead electronics, and dead AVR's that were worn down far before their time should have been due to a horrible grind and brownouts especially unplanned ones.

    Jack, we know your wife works for the devil and no offense on her but that doesn't mean the rest of us will start smiling at the devil while the devil screws us over. My suggestion like Wyre is either accept we won't be happy and avoid these threads.
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    You are going to have to stop using negative ratings for people complaining about NORECO II. People are going to vent about their service and those people will not be silenced because it is inconvenient for someone's marriage. I am aware that the brownout was not the fault of NORECO II this time, but normally that isn't the case and you can't blame people for getting confused on who is to blame.

    I know you have a conflict of interest on the subject and any negative comment about them puts you in a salty mood...so it would be best if you would, at the very least, recuse yourself from the post rating system in these types of threads.

    I'm trying to work on stopping the rando's complaints on Twitter from making to the forum feed, it shouldn't be there...but it is proving to be difficult with the inconsistent tagging on Twitter and the change in RSS feed the posts are pulling from.
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