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Suggestion What's your favourite?

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by 1lostaussie, Mar 23, 2017.

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    1. Grocery store - Hypermart (wider aisles and not as busy as Lee Plaza or Robinson's)
    2. Bakery - Hypermart (I like to buy non-sweet bread/ bread sticks)
    3. Restaurant - Pizza King/ Mang Inasol/ Eatery inside of Hypermart which serve the BEST Halo-Halo I have tried ANYWHERE! :thumbsup:
    4. Cafe - N/A
    5. Day time Bar/ night time bar - N/A
    6. Massage parlour - The Wife does it all for me! :biggrin:
    7. Hair dresser/ barber - See #06 :wink:
    8. Resort pool area - N/A
    9. Day adventure - N/A
    10. Phone / Internet provider - As mentioned; depending on area all are pretty much as useless as each other... Internet; I have Fil-Products because Smart/Globe etc are too USELESS to provide a connection that even connects in Malatapay! Again it will depend on your area! But I have to say I am happy with Fil-Products - 2600php per month for 6Mbps Cable connection and Pay TV bundle. (Apparently Landline is coming!)
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