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    New law prohibits children under 12 in the front seat
    Manila - A new law prohibits children under the age of 12 unless they are taller than 1.50 meters and use the seat belt to sit in the front seat. - klajoo.com - Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) chairman Augusto Lagman says the most dangerous seat in a vehicle is the one the front passenger has occupied. The law also requires infants to be carried in rear-mounted child seats. The first offense will be fined 1,000 PHP, the second offense 2,000 PHP, the third violation 5,000 PHP and driver's license will be withdrawn. KR 16.03.2019 - 3:57

    Manila President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a new law requiring motorcycles to be fitted with larger readable and color coded license plates. - klajoo.com - The Republic Act (RA) 11235 states: "The number plate labeling must be readable from the front and from the back, at least 15 meters from the motorcycle." The Land Transportation Office (LTO) must create a color code for each region in the Philippines where the motorcycle was registered. The owner of a motorcycle is required to register his vehicle with the LTO within five days of purchase. The sale or disposal of a motorcycle must be reported immediately to the LTO. Driving without a license plate is prohibited, violations will be punished with a fine of up to 100,000 PHP or prison. If the license plate is lost, damaged or stolen, the motorcycle owner must immediately report to the LTO and the police and request a replacement. If ignored, the owner of a motorcycle will be fined up to 50,000 PHP. A person who manipulates, imitates, hides, or hides a license plate must pay a fine of up to 100,000 PHP, just like those who attach a stolen license plate.
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