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  1. Cerne

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    Bought a 3 crates of Penfolds bin (d*mn can't remember the number, 48?) back in 1994 in Oz and shipped them back to the UK. There they have sat bar the odd special occasion since. Decanted as the sediment does build up they have aged perfectly. Someone once told me they are worth thousands of £s and I put them on the house insurance since 2000. Really special stuff. The light brown fingered one I am married to has to be watched like a hawk around it. Penfolds to me in general make very superior stuff...even the Reds from a couple of years ago taste superb. Took a tour of the Margaret River region with her too a few years back. Really miss the experience of pitching up at a small winery, sampling what they have and then zooming off with what we choose. Hmmmmmmm....Xmas in Oz sounds really appealing this year. How to get rid of the kids though.....?
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  2. blueskies

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    My tenant who is leaving in 4 days has couple of good australian wines to go such as; lindemans,penfolds rosin,banrock and nederburg.. if you're interested just PM me and i'll give you his contact details. Price range 300-400 pesos/btl at cost.

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  3. PatO

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    I can suggest some for you. Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia. About 450p a bottle at Hypermart, Robinson's and Times. Pretty consistent. If you prefer white buy the same brand Chardonnay. A safe buy.
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