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Wonderful stay in my home to be

Discussion in 'Expat Section' started by alesypalsy, Aug 26, 2014.

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    My wife and I were lucky enough to discover Dumaguete around 5 years ago

    We lived in Angeles city for 7 years and after around 3/4 years of being settled down together I was looking for a better place to bring up our children,

    In around 2007 I had a sailing yacht moored in langkawi Malaysia in telaga harbour, I had a great next door neighbour with a boat who was from South Africa, after many beers together we used to talk a lot about life and generally shoot the poo about life, anyway I was living in Angeles city and was awaiting to sail the vessel back to Subic bay, Louis my friend one eve mentioned he lived in the Philippines in Dumaguete, he had told me he had gone there as a visitor and had intended to stay a few weeks, he had been there 9 years !!! He loved it there,
    So it got me interested enough to get down and visit in 2008,

    Well guess what I also fell in love with the place, comparing it to Angeles city there is so many quailitys it has to offer ,

    A lot of folk from other countries seem to find fault with Dumaguete , I cannot , I absolutely love the place and this visit my wife and kids came over for a 6 week break to our house in Dauin,
    The people (locals) are absolutely wonderful, there are so many places to visit and best of all is the fresh air on the ocean, I am so glad we decided to keep our house there , as once upon a time I was going to sell it,

    I have met some good friends this visit and I type this from my hotel room in Ac , when we came into Ac I realised what I great thing we done getting out of the place,

    I have had a joyfull trip and will be so happy when we can move to Duma perminantly ,

    My days there were happy days, from beers on the bolovade to beers in the mountain, to swimming in the forest gate, to riding my banka boat , eating tacos at taco tyo to snorkelling in the ocean with some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen,

    I have to return for a while back to the grind of the west, I have my heart there in Duma,

    I can only see me being truley happy when I am settled there perminantly in Dumaguete ,
    And to think that years ago my wife said "no me like Dumaguete ' no malls! Lolol"

    No she says thank you pa for bringing us here , no more Angeles .

    To all the expats there, enjoy your life there in Duma, it is a great lifestyle and with some of the best Filipino people I have ever had the pleasure to meet ,
    Until I return please keep a beer cold for me and the ocean calm
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    Thanks for sharing your story Alesy , if I could have liked it twice I would have , I fell in love with the area in 2003, I was lucky in that it was the first place that I ever went to in the Philippines .

    Regards Tony