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Discussion in 'Dining - Nightlife - Entertainment' started by danbandanna, Jan 12, 2020.

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    Oh, I found that suggestion coming from you somewhat surprising. I've always thought of you as a health food person and Seven Eleven is mainly junk food, well, that's just my opinion.
    But for sure any Seven Eleven of that size would have little if any ambiance to add to any dining experience. I know my 'Zak's Place' can be quite uncomfortable , especially with the stoney surface which is murder on my legs and feet, or if it rains or there's relentless sun beating down.
    However, that's all about to change with a large awning now in the final stages of construction. I may even add a fan or two for air movement.
    Menu has been changing and recently changed from the usual sized burger to an 8 ounce, this has been a resounding success ( a couple of tablespoons of Dijon mustard in the mix made a very pleasant change, I made 23 yesterday morning and sold out) along with the excellent dorado fillets I use for battered fish and chips. I'll never take that off the menu especially with this season's top quality fish. Having said that, I'm right now thinking of not only battered fish but also a saute'd version with a sauce of some sort. I toyed with the idea of Hollandaise or Bearnaise but these need to be cooked to order and need constant attention and this would be a diversion i don't want as I like my clientele to receive their order PDQ even though I'm cooking and serving,washing up, etc. Alone these days. So, maybe a cheese sauce, a mushroom sauce, a parsley sauce or even just a nicely seasoned bechamel .I'll see what time I have to spare today as I'm more or less starting from scratch, including homemade chips as I came very close to selling out last night after serving 30 lb + . My wife says my portions are too big and at 80+ pesos per kilo she's right. Bu t the potatoes have been very good recently and certainly compliment my style of frying..... We'll just have to see what the day has to offer.
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