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Valencia: Mount Talinis | Dumaguete Info

Mount Talinis is known to be the highest peak in the province of Negros Oriental. Dubbed as Cuernos de Negros or the Horns of Negros, this majestic mountain is one of Negros Oriental’s most visited places. For adventurous people who take on mountain climbing as a serious passion, the trek to Mount Talinis is in fact, a challenging 4 hours of solid hiking to reach the summit where a taste of heaven simply awaits for those who truly appreciate the gifts of nature.

Mount Talinis Location

Mount Talinis is specifically located in the quiet town of Valencia in Negros Oriental. It rises 1864 meters above sea level and towers over the entire Negros Island. Reaching the summit opens up a spectacular view of the Southeastern portion of the province.

Mount Talinis is an extensive mountain range with verdant forests and ranges still covered with mossy slopes. On some hillsides, agricultural has been developed and other areas have been cleared for such purpose. There are a number of lakes found at its base, the most popular of which are the twin lakes of Balinsasayao. These two small crater lakes are separated by a narrow mountain ridge. Lake Yagumyum is another lake found at the foot of Mount Talinis.

How to get to Mount Talinis

Getting to Mount Talinis would involve a whole day trip. There are organized tours and group treks available in travel agencies and most of the hotels in Dumaguete City therefore there should be no difficulty scheduling an excursion. Overnight stays in basic cottages near the mountain could be granted however provisions such as food, drinking water and equipment should be brought along. There are also camping grounds near Lake Yagumyum provided for trekkers where tents could be set up. Spending the night in the middle of nowhere hearing only strange bird calls and the gentle lapping of the lake’s waters may perhaps be your idea of a genuine exploration while communing with nature.

Adventure on Mount Talinis

For those who seeking the thrill of an adventure in natural surroundings, climbing Mount Talinis is a worthwhile experience. The hike itself brings you to lakes with clear and calm waters where one can actually swim and catch some fish like carp and tilapia while being surrounded by trees and rare fauna and flora. Many birds and other biodiversity that have been declared as threatened species have been sighted around the Mount Talinis area so if you’re lucky enough, you might catch sight of a rare Visayan Hornbill.

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