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Tue, 23 September 2007 19:49:33 – TheDane

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has confirmed her attendance to the International I-Tax Conference that will be held in Negros Oriental on October 29, Capitol information officer Adrian Sedillo announced yesterday.

The President will deliver a keynote speech to more than 500 delegates which will be attending the conference which will be held in Dumaguete City. The conference will tackle the proposed modernization of the tax collection system in the province of Negros Oriental, otherwise known as the I-Tax system.

The I-Tax system, which stands for Integrated Tax system, is a proposed system that aims to improve tax collection through technology and computerization. The I-Tax system will have its pilot implementation in the province of Negros Oriental to determine if it will be a worthy system to follow for the other provinces and for the whole of the country as well.

The implementation of the I-Tax system on the province of Negros Oriental will be the main point of discussion for the two-day conference. Aside from President Arroyo, the other speakers in the event will be those who are from the countries that have implemented the said system, Gov. Macias explained. Among those who are expected to attend the conference are Tanzania’s Finance Minister and the German Ambassador to the Philippines.

President Arroyo, who faxed the confirmation of her arrival, will fly to Dumaguate straight from the Subic International Airport after she cast her vote in the upcoming local elections for Baranggay and SK position in her native province of Lubao, Pampanga, Sedillo relates to the media.

President Arroyo was personally invited by Governor Emilio Macias II of Negros Oriental when she visited Bohol a month ago. The governor also asked the President to witness the performance of Casa Miani Arvedi and Cittadini children’s choir who will open the ceremonies for the conference. The choir will perform the provincial hymn of Negros Oriental and the national anthem of Germany at the start of the two-day conference.

The choir, whose performance was witnessed by Gov. Macias and Local Team Leader Ernst-Dieter Fuchs of the German Technical Cooperation-GTZ when they visited the choir’s practice, is composed of orphans who are taken care of by Somascan priests and nuns. The impressive choir is coached by Jeremiah Perez. Fuchs later related how he was so much impressed by the performance of the choir in their practice that he was almost moved to tears when he heard the choir’s rendition of the German national anthem.