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Bird Sanctuary and Mangrove Park

The Bird Sanctuary and Mangrove Park in Bais City is a 400 hectare protected mangrove forest. It is a natural habitat and nesting ground for many bird species and other wildlife. At the center of the park is a strip of white side, appearing only on low tides, where sightseers can have a picnic or engage in other activities like beach volleyball and the like.

A visit to this park is usually one of the stops when going on an organized group tour to watch dolphins and whales at the Tañon Strait. Coming from South Bais Bay, a 15 minute boat ride will take you to the entrance of the Bird Sanctuary and Mangrove Park. From there you trod on a network of raised split bamboo walkways (extending about a hundred meters) which the local government and residents have constructed for easier access. The park is one of Bais City’s most successful tourist attractions.


Mangroves are generally trees and shrubs that grow in saline coastal habitats. Being a coastal city infringed with mangroves, Bais Bay has become an ideal habitat and breeding territory for wildlife including several important species of fish and crustacean as well as for shore and wading birds. They also serve as protection to coastal communities. Mangroves have a significant value in the coastal zone for the benefits they provide in coastal fisheries. In the early morning and late afternoon, the area around the mangrove teems with Philippine Mallards and White Herons.

It is best to plan the tour way ahead of time and to book a specific date for the said activity to avoid unnecessary costs. A visit to the Bird Sanctuary and Mangrove Park will go hand in hand with the famed Bais Dolphin and Whale Watching plus a side trip to the exquisite Manjuyod White Sand Bar. All three would cost P2,500 for a 15-seater boat and P3,000 for a 20-seater boat. Splitting the expenses among the group would make the trip an inexpensive one. The La Planta Hotel and Bahia de Bais Hotel also accepts room reservations for guests who plan to stay the night.

How to get to the Bird Sanctuary and Mangrove Park in Bais City

From Dumaguete City, it takes 40 minutes to an hour to arrive in Bais City. There are many van or car rentals that can be availed for a one way rate of 1,300 pesos. Or one may opt to go via public transportation, in this case a jeepney (fetching P10 per passenger) or a non aircon bus (charging P20 per seat) that you can board at the Dumaguete – Bais terminal located near the Dumaguete City port at the Rizal Boulevard.

Bais Tourism Office (035)541-5161 / 402-8174 Fax (035)402-8181
Bahia Hotel (035)402-8850 / 402-8851
La Planta Hotel (035)403-8321 / 541-5755

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