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  1. Brian Oinks

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    Negros Oriental - Near to Zamboanguita ;)
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    Well we are back and I have to admit this is my first time to ever go to a Resort (and my first real holiday in 56 years!) so hard to compare to the experiences others have had, but I must admit it was very relaxing, quiet and exactly what I was looking for! :thumbsup:

    We stayed at the Mahogany Upland Resort, the Owners are friendly and approachable, the staff are friendly and very polite, the food was TOO MUCH! I mean it! It was a BATTLE to get through each meal I tried, and I tried a different meal each day, each meal time, and was BLOATED! My Wife and Daughter ended up buying one meal and splitting it between them and were still satisfied! They cater both Western and Filipino Foods so one could easily keep Asawa and the kids very happy if needed! :biggrin:

    They have a (from memory I heard someone say) 400 square foot Pool that has a 2 foot deep wader section railed in with a covered roof so parents can sit by their young ones. outside that to the end it is 2 foot deep, to the right of the wader pool is a 4 foot deep section that goes to 12 feet deep at the end, I; being a Moby Dick waited until after tea time to go for a dip and the water was warm and I found that great as it took away the aches and pains I live with 24/7 due to my disabilities, and they are constantly cleaning the pool (which is only 3 week old I believe) so no floating ipis for the foreigners! :biggrin: hehe

    The Resort also takes Walk-ins Daily! (I *think* 8:30am to 5:00pm?)
    From memory; they charge 100 pesos for entry and 100 pesos redeemable for drinks at the Bar, so a 200PHP Entry Fee all up which should keep some riff-raff out by banning them bringing in drinks (namely alcoholic beverages!) :wink: Walk-ins are allowed to bring in food and rent a space under cover (which is still in progress) for 300 pesos.

    The weekend was VERY BUSY with Walk-ins so if someone is wanting some quiet time in the Pool then I would advise you go during the week and skip the weekends. :wink:

    In case of Black-out they have a Generator which services the Bar, Restaurant and Pool area. :thumbsup:

    *EDIT: For those with Pets, "PETS ALLOWED"! :thumbsup:

    We chose the Deluxe Room which is 80m2 and fully screened, it contained a LARGE COMFORTABLE Bed (King size I think?) and two smaller single beds, a Table and 4x chairs, a Sofa and Pay TV, a separate CR/Shower, the Air-con and ceiling fan also help take the sting out of the heat of the day (THANK YOU NORECO for the 11 hour black out on Sunday! :punch: Grr!!)

    I would certainly go back again next Summer, but next time would choose days during the week to avoid the weekend rush. :smile:

    I HOPE Mahogany Upland Resort will take the time to advertise on this Forum as I am sure MANY will no doubt read this thread... :wink:

    Just had the Owner's Nephew drop by and return 3200php which I had not noticed we were overcharged. HOW IS THAT for honesty and GREAT service! :thumbsup:

    @Wrye Up to you if you lock or keep this thread open now mate, maybe others still have something to contribute for others coming to this great country... :wink:

    Mahogany Upland Resort

    Mahogany Upland Resort - UPDATED 2017 Guest house Reviews & Price Comparison (Dauin, Philippines) - TripAdvisor

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    It *sounds* nice but the sad truth many of us have seen is no appreciation or positive return on our tipping. Instead its treated as its expected because we are foreigners and of course as a foreigner can afford it. After all everyone knows we wipe our arses with 1,000 peso bills. If we don't tip big in some cases where they expect it due to other foreigners or a tourist establishment we are a cheap arse even when service its horrible. After all it can't be their fault.
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    Looks like they havent give up just yet...................posted about 7pm..05/17.2017
    imalalud Mps
    38 mins ·

    From Provincial Director of NORPPO: “This pertains to the alleged two groups of armed men sighted who are wearing camouflage green fatigue on board on two pump boats docked at the shoreline of Sitio Matu-og, Brgy. Basak, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental. Said armed men were sighted by local residents in the area with an estimated number of more or less 20 persons with one (1) female who walked across the National highway going to the hinterland of Brgy. Binobohan and Brgy. Mani-ak, Guihulngan City, carrying assorted high powered firearms to include carbine, M16 and machine gun. The said sighted armed men believed to conduct tactical offensive against government troops and vital installations.”

    As per above report we enjoined all residents in the area of District I, specially residents in all the barangays in the Municipality of Jimalalud to be vigilant and report to this station or to any other authorities of any confirmed slightest indication of suspicious men and women. Pls. call or text our hotline number at 0917-815-7603.
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    It would seem reasonable to think that way. Logic does not always apply here.
    I just read a story where tons of relief goods for typhoon Yolanda are being disposed of because they have spoiled.
    It seems the donors did not pay the IMPORT TAXES on the relief goods so the BOC seized them.
    Go figure.
    Beam me up Scotty.
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  5. RR_biker

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    As a frequent weekly visitor of this place I love to go there on my bike to enjoy the pleasant ride via San Antonio and then enjoy the relaxed staying in the hot spring for about 45 min. which seems more than enough in thermal water.

    Before leaving home yesterday, I made a stop @a gasoline station to fill up full to make sure I could make it up and down. On my way back home the engine all the sudden did not react on the throttle and finally stopped. I had a look on my fuel meter and guess what.....empty. WTF some bottom hole drained my whole tank about 4 litres. Is not the money that is involved but running out of gasoline in the middle of nowhere is no fun. I was lucky I choose the San Antonio road which is almost downhill all the way to the highway. Just the last few hundred meters I had to walk. But still no gasonline as the nearest station is Caltex next to the municipality hall of Sibulan. Have to make some arrangements with someone to get gasoline in a jerrycan and going back to my motorbike where I left it (was still there). put the gasoline in the tank and, engine did not start. It turns out that the gasoline hose was disconnected so that no fuel could get into the carburettor. I was unable to fix it so finally we tow the motorbike home and called for a mechanic.
    Next week I will go to Red Rock hot spring again and inform the owners or the people running that place to take remedial action.
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    I took the Ocean Jet to Siquijor Sunday and saw first hand what the OP was talking about. EVERY passenger that had any kind of bag was charged 70 pesos per bag. After entering the terminal and going thru the non functioning X-ray machine I was directed to the Ocean Jet check in desk (Ocean Jet is the only ferry that has such a desk inside the terminal). At the desk a man was seated as though he was the one working there, next to him was a long counter where bags were to be checked in for loading by the porters. All the porters seemed to be in a hurry and were scurrying about, not what I've seen anywhere at any time. NONE of the passengers was given a receipt for the portage fee.
    The guy behind the counter, that everyone assumed was the clerk there moved out and another guy came in to issue the actual seat assignments.
    I'm pretty sure the original guy was not even an employee of Ocean Jet
    I emailed the customer service about this issue......as yet no response.

    After paying more for ferry service to Siquijor which is supposedly faster the ferry was 25 minutes late leaving port.

    I suggest everyone take another ferry, there are several to choose from.....especially if you have luggage.
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  7. Jens K

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    Been there today with the family and we liked it.

    The road is a bit narrow in parts but otherwise in a very good condition. Might be a different story after heavy rains though.

    We chose to walk around the first lake to the second one (there's also boats that take you across). There's a nice view point on the ridge between the lakes with really stunning views. Not much to see or do at the shore of the smaller lake but it was nice and quiet there. Good place for a picnic. The path around the lake is rocky and requires careful stepping from time to time. But still doable with flip flops, even carrying a toddler and a backpack :wink:

    According to my phone's gps we walked 3 km from the parking lot to the second lake and back. The sign says the way around the lake is 900m one way so that leaves about 600m for the distance from car to first lake where the boats leave. The lakes are 65m lower than the parking lot, so yes, it is steep.

    Swimming in the lake was a bit disappointing - water completely green and much warmer than I'd have expected. Not very refreshing, might be better at another time of the year.

    Besides the notorious cup noodles and 3-in-1 coffee they also have cold beer and some small 'real' dishes at the restaurant, it's not too bad.

    All in all a nice trip, the very different vegetation (i.e. large tree ferns) and the clean and cool air make for a nice change after all the time at the sea level.

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  8. Notmyrealname

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    Yes, it is definitely still open. And what a great place for those who seek solitude - I wish I could live there.

    Amazingly, the entrance fee of P100 per adult is the same as it was in 2007.

    There are views to the mountains and to Cebu. The gardens are well planted - not spectacular but serene. Small buildings and animal sculptures dot the gardens and the loo even has a seat!

    There is a covered dining area but not sure how to obtain permission to use it - I expect, if it is available for use, that users have to bring their own food. Anyone interested should enquire at Jo's Chicken Inato, across the National Highway, as that is where payment is made for entry fee to the gardens.

    There is also building work going on and it seems as if greater use for events may be intended (I am just guessing here).

    For anyone still looking for a 'bird' (not sure everyone may understand that meaning) there is one very lonely one there, as shown in the photos below.

    IMG_0115.JPG 20180617_160619.jpg 20180617_160657.jpg 20180617_160819.jpg
    Wife and I had to take a short rest.jpg 20180617_160927.jpg Lonely bird.jpg

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    The best thing you can do is publicize this information. Let people realize that many people here see tourist a wallets to be emptied, legally or illegally. Maybe even the Dumageute tourist bureau will realize the negative impact it has on the City of Dumaguete's tourist image. Why the Philippines spends so much money to promote the tourist business and then lets so many individual and groups scam people and create a poor image for the Philippines is beyond my thinking. Maybe they do not understand the power of the internet which they use to promote Dumaguete is also used by people to point out the problems to potential tourist.. Fixing the problems would be the best promotional effort the Philippines could make, but that is just my tourist type thinking here.
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  10. ShawnM

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    I don't remember the TV show now, but is was about expats doing time in foreign prisons. Most of these "upstanding" citizens were transporting large amounts of drugs...WTF, if you are dumb enough to know or somehow clueless that you now have 10 kilo of extra baggage it is really on you.

    I've rarely had a bag checked going into any country and have never had anything that would lead to me being detained.

    I still live in a world where I get drug tested and maintain a clearance so the thought of being that stupid actually baffles me.

    If I was "set-up" for drugs or the bullet thing that we all heard about I am not sure how I would react...I guess it would depend on how much it would cost vs. going after them legally.

    It is pretty easy to be a decent person either travelling or staying overseas.

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