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    A nice short half day ride around 5 hrs ride time is west to sta catalina and then over the mountain to pamplona down to tanjay and back here to bacong. Some great views up there and le Nebia cafe right at the top.


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    Dumaguete to Canlaon is around 180 km easy to do in one day even on a small bike, I turned left/west in Bagawines straight on to Canlaon, instead of going to San Carlos, don't know why people prefer that road, the scenery? The highlight on the tour is drive bike in the mountains. I used 2 days driving in the mountains, go early morning 5 am and back to the hotel in the afternoon, I meet no foreigners in the 2 days up there, I really enjoyed it. Hotels in Canloan is not a high standard, 3 places to choose among, Tourist In where I stayed the room was clean, wifi signal, tv, and shower, have the basic needs and are inexpensive. There is one Filipino restaurant in Canloan that's all but they serve rice, chicken, and fish good enough to survive a few days. I took west coast back to Dumaguete, down to Kabankalan-Mabinay-Bais, next time I will go West coast of Cebu instead as Tax Refugee suggested

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    Hi ya
    7 days is a bit sort, 2 weeks will give you a bit of time to stay somewhere for a day or two.
    What sort of bike do you want to hire? There are plenty of 125 cc available but there not particularly comfortable for long rides, 2 up there even slower.
    There is/was (not sure if its still hiring bikes) larger bike hire place in Cebu city, Mactan Island, Outsiders motorcycle club, you'd need to check.
    A possible route, hire your bike in Cebu, ride out of Cebu via Lahug to Toledo, ferry to San Carlos, ride over the mountain via Don Salvador to Bacolod then south back over the mountains via Canlaon to Dumaguete then via the west coast of Cebu Island back to Cebu city.

    Once your clear of the cities I've found the Philippines a great place to ride bikes, hope you have a great tripe.

    All the best
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