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Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by danbandanna, Jan 3, 2020.

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    If you pay for the eye exam, the results-- the prescription-- belong to you. Without receiving the prescription, do not pay the bill.
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    They tried to withhold my prescription, too. I told them I had paid for that prescription and I demanded they turn it over to me. It took one very angry American woman to get it, but I did walk out of there with it!
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    I went to them after my Tae Baguio with Executive Eye Care in the mall. After an exam and a short chat with the eye Doc. They wanted to do cataract surgery the next day. Paid the bill and did not return. The next two eye exams, (that same day), A cataract was not even mentioned. I understood that they were trying to pay for the expensive equipment in the next room. By the way that Tae Baguio with Executive Eye Care in the mall when they wanted to jack the price by 1500 because the right eye lens was too thick. Well when I did get my new glasses, from the other clinic the right lens was thinner than the the left. So they perjured themselves at the DIT hearing. Am I surprised that BIG BUSINESS here in Dumaguete would lie just for a few hundred peso?

    HEII no. :cautious:
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    I've had mixed results with ACES Eye Clinic. First time I went, I was not impressed, so got a recommendation for Doctor Jabines who has his clinic at Holy Child. Went to the Holy Cross clinic early....took one look at the packed waiting area and left. (It never ceases to amaze me that the Filipino method packs the sick people into the same hot, humid waiting areas for hours at a time along with unsuspecting healthy people. All the while the few fans circulate the sneezes and coughs around the room. Also, "if lola needs to see the doctor," four generations and their household help all go with her and take up a dozen+ chairs...four chairs alone for the children under 4 years old...while seniors stand.)

    What I didn't like about ACES:
    1. The same type waiting area philosophy as Holy Child...still packed with generations of patient companions.
    2. EVERY visit MUST start with the eye exam for vision acuity. EVERY TIME. I once has a follow-up visit one day later, and they insisted that my vision be checked again....less than 24 hours after the previous visit. Job insurance.
    3. I caved in to ACE's insistence that their own labs fill their prescriptions (but will not do that again). At least I purchased the frames elesewhere (i.e. Santillan), but that's another story...one frame has fallen apart TWICE since new 8 months ago.

    What I like about ACES:
    1. Parking lot....especially if you have a "first in line" morning appointment. You have the entire Hypermart lot to yourself.
    2. If you call, you can ask when the next "first in line" slot is available and they seem to be good at honoring that....so no interminable waiting.
    3. They do have a top notch sterile operating room for eye procedures. Nice to know that it is there and in Dumaguete, just in case.
    4. They now have at least one doctor who is actually based in Dumaguete (Dr. Yap), rather than having all of the docs doing tag-team relay runs from Cebu every few days. I always ask for my appointments with Dr. Yap...she is very good and takes the time to explain things. I had a very long, and enlightening, discussion with her about "how things work" in medicine in the Philippines, and why. (Dr. Yap is a U.S.-born Filipina.)
    5. I had subscribed to PhilHealth, and ACES accepted that insurance for some periodic testing I really needed (based on my experience in the U.S. with my eye doctor there.) The money it saved paid for my PhilHealth premiums. (Now that for 2020 the PhilHealth premiums are through the roof for foreigners, and I need to get an affidavit from an attorney attesting to my income, I will skip PhilHealth altogether.)
    6. ACES is: Air conditioned. Modern. Seating is new (not falling apart) and reasonably comfortable. Some nice artwork, IMHO!
    7. I like the fact that ACES is a stand-alone health facility. It's more along the lines of what I am used to coming from the U.S. It seems to me that I am less likely to get sick if I take every opportunity to stay OUT of sitting around hot, humid hospital waiting rooms. I am seeing more and more stand alone medical offices appearing in Dumaguete (an even Valenica!), which is a good thing in my mind, especially if you can make an advanced appointment or "place in line".

    I will continue with ACES for now and continue with Dr. Yap. But I do appreciate all the other comments here and even the negative ones are helpful in building my "defenses" when I go to ACES.
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