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Diving for Kids

Discussion in '☋ Diving and Marine Life ☋' started by PangitPilot, Oct 30, 2010.

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  1. DivingDane

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    Hi Mark

    I like your thinking about how you want to make it HER achievement. I hadn't thought of it that way, but I see what you're saying. I just wanted to point out that you had another option.

    I'm sure all the diveshops would be fine with her starting as a Scuba Diver - you're the customer after all, and also from the instructors point of view you avoid the somewhat tricky table stuff, that can be somewhat challenging for most kids.

    Whoever you decide to go with, I'm sure they'll appreciate it though, if you go through the theory with your daughter beforehand - it can only make their work easier after all, (and aid your daughter in retaining the knowledge.) Of course the instructor would need her to do the quizzes and knowledge reviews same as every other student, regardless of the teaching you did on your own. The rules are the rules after all.

    I don't think it'd be an issue if you tagged along on the last dive - as long as you're kind enough to give the instructor some space to do his work, if you know what I mean? =) As long as there's a difference between football dads (who always know better than the coach,) and scuba dads, all should be good. Having you along though could actually be used in fun ways though, (how about having her do a tired diver tow with her poor overworked dad! - there's a sense of achievement right there =) )

    All for now, and all the best
  2. Kenny

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    Just a few thoughts on starting young kids in scuba. Years ago I had my three sons by my first marriage visit me in Cebu. They were then 12,14, and 16 and were really enthusiastic to learn to dive. The 12 year old had been diagnosed with a slight learning disability and hadn't been doing well in school. I guess because he really wanted it he zipped through the theory and had no problems working decompressions and surface intervals.

    The young fella took to the in water training like a fish. We were on his second open water dive and at about 50 ft. off Mactan when the instructor who was leading the group, with Brian close behind, inadvertently kicked the mask off his face and the regulator out of his mouth. He bolted for the surface and fortunately an alert dive master with our group caught him by the ankle and got him sorted out. I was within 10 feet of him but wouldn't have had a chance of catching him.

    Dodong Pina was the instructor. I really don't falt him but I am glad one of his dive masters was really alert.
  3. OP

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    DD, haha if I do go diving, it will definitely be a tired diver tow on the way back hee hee.
    Yep letting the Instructor do their job is very important .. part of the process.

    Cheers and Thanks Heaps
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