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Discussion in '☋ Apo - Siquijor - Bohol ☋' started by bouglez, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Just got back from Camiguin, here is what the ferry situation is at the moment ..

    Oceanjet from Duma to taglibaran (P880 Bus Class), no worries. (Checked on the Ocenjet from Jagna to Camiguin next day, yep it is running)
    Overnight Taglibaran
    GT Express P100.00 from Dau, Taglibaran, one hour to Jagna, Sardine Can, we had 15 people plus two chickens who rode for free
    Got to Jagna, Oceanjet ticket office hand written note saying 9:30 am ferry to Camiguin Cancelled. No reason. Oh Crap
    Off to Super Shuttle Ferry, yes, they leave at 1pm, buy the ticket, P480.00
    Paras Sea Cat has NOT run for a Long Time
    So look around and found an absolute Gem of a place.
    It is run by the International Deaf Education Association (IDEA) has reasonable accomodation and reasonable food, especially considering you are in jagna, Bohol. see HOTELS - JAGNA, BOHOL, PHILIPPINES IDEA PENSION HOUSE AND GARDEN CAFE, affordable budget hotel It is two streets back behind the big church. Head East from the Pier Area
    Breakfast and wifi was great. Learn't to hand sign a bit. Really nice poeple
    Back to the pier at noon. Lots of people waiting, 1pm, no ferry, eventually it shows up at 2pm
    Super Shuttle 9 (that is the one) is a Ro/Ro and it overnights on Camiguin. No food on board. only bench seats on a shaded deck but exposed to the wind. No movies. Weather was terrible, a 2.5 hour trip took 4.5 hours. Arrived in Camiguin at 7pm, left at 2:30 pm, 1.5 hours late
    Next day, in the plane, one hour back to dumaguete, after a nice relaxing breakfast ..

    Good Info:

    Paras Seacat is NOT Running from Jagna
    Ocean Jet seems to run when they just feel like it
    Super Shuttle Ferry seems to go, when the ferry is working, but it too has been broken down for a week or two at a time in the past
    Be prepared to over night. If on Super Shuttle, take food and drinks, and plastic bags if prone to sea sickness

    It is possible to do Duma to Camiguin in one day now, Ocean Jet to taglibaran in the morning, pick up a Gt Express from the Pier to Jagna, jump on the Super Shuttle to Camiguin, if all goes well, you will be in Camiguin somewhere around 4pm.

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