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Grocery Shopping in Dumaguete City

Discussion in '☋ Dumaguete City ☋' started by The Dane, Oct 31, 2006.

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    There are many small shops that offer reasonable shopping in Dumaguete City, we have a couple of malls as well, most notably Lee Plaza.

    Lee Plaza is a 5 story mall with a huge supermarket in the basement. The Lee Plaza Supermarket offers a lot of both local and imported goods, I was happy to find good ol' Danish Dairy products on the shelves here :smile:

    I think you should be a little careful with frozen meat in the supermarket here, it seems like they shut off their freezerrs at night to conserve energy, so all the goods in the freezer are soft in stead of frozen solid. Scary if you ask me. Even Monteray Meats in the other Lee Plaza Supermarket is practicing this, they shut off their freezers in the morning when they open the store, and the result is meat that has been defrosted and frozen as many times as the number of days it has been in stock. Buyers beware...

    In the back of the supermarket you will find fresh meat, this is one of the good places to buy meat in Dumaguete City. They have a good selection of pork and chicken, beef is a little harder to find, but check with the staff here when fresh supplies come in and reserve what you need.
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