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My mangos are not poison

Discussion in 'Funny Stuff' started by wretched_hyena, Jun 22, 2015.

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    Before my last trip, I had made plans to plant a mango tree on our property, which is between Duma and Sibulan. Shortly before the trip, I was watching an interesting show about Malala, the wonderful young lady who was shot in the face by the Taliban for going to school and being outspoken on the subject. I learned that, just before she was shot, she had planted a mango tree in her yard. I decided to plant mine in her honor and name it for her. Being a former sign painter, I found the tools and supplies, around Duma, and made a sign with her name on it. Some distant relatives, whom I have not met, were using our property, without permission, to keep their goats, which was not a problem except that we had to put a fence around the tree. We planted the tree and put up my sign. A temporary fence was made until a real one could be made, but the goats got through and did some damage, fortunately not fatal. After leaving, I got word that the relatives were angry. So, how was I to know that, in Visayan, Malala means poison? I quickly got word to them the meaning of my sign, and all is well.

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