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Ride from Kuching Malaysia (Borneo Island) to Dumaguete FREE!

Discussion in 'Tourist Information' started by Wildlands1, May 11, 2019.

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    I don't know.
    Any adventurous soul want to ride my bike back from Kuching to Duma? I have a Yamaha "Serow" XT250 in Kuching, a lovely riverside city in Sarawak State Malaysia on awesome Borneo Island just south of Palawan. Registered in Duma PH it needs to come back home. Seeking someone to fly there and ride it back, about 3000km+ across some truly amazing country, then the Sandakan-Zamboanga Ferry, then ride it here, 2-3 days. Fun opportunity for someone to see Borneo and the lands of Zamboanga Peninsula. PM me for details.
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    If you really want your bike back you had better find a very well connected Filipino to do it.. otherwise the game will start in Zamboanga.. a large local bike club here with the majority owners who were BMW owners took a ride to Singapore, the same way.. on the return 4 guys (expats) got hit for Import Duty even though the bikes had been bought new from the BMW dealer in Manila..A bike worth 1.4 million and duty payable of 300% so guess where the bikes are now???
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