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Scooter hire price check

Discussion in '☋ Expat Section ☋' started by dpt123, Jul 30, 2011.

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    So update on this as requested
    I went and checked out the second hand bikes, a bunch of junk, for 20k you had to register them, service them etc for 30k you can buy a brand new 100cc bike, registered, insured and serviced for a yr.

    So thats what we did, I bought a 110 for 32k as i wanted a bit more power. not much in it.

    Since then a few issues with it (it is the Philippines after all).

    1. Front light bulb blew on the way home to Zamboanguita late one evening making for a very slow ride home, no idea how the locals go with no lights on at night.
    2. Ran out of petrol with the tank still showing half full. Started pushing it into town. An employee of Rusi saw me, pulled over, and walked with me to the petrol station to make sure that it was only an empty tank. He said if fuel didnt fix the prob he would call the office and get me picked up. Lucky + good service.
    3. Its a bit rough to start with the electric starter so they made some carby adjustments and a battery change, it runs a little better now but of course the speedo doesnt work.

    All in all it gets me from a to b. Eventually I will run out of things for them to replace. My theory is that if this is what a brand new one is like, then a second hand one would be terrible.

    Anyone interested in getting a bike here, there is the figures. All you have to do is buy oil for 125 peso an oil change and your good to go. No idea if I can sell it second hand of course but I make my money back in 6 months so its a free bike after that.

    For helmets the other half and I ended up getting spyder helmets from robinsons, a bit more expensive but they feel a lot more solid. I have no idea if this will at all translate to a decent skull saver, hopefully i never will find out. It seems to have much more padding inside making it a snug fit. They cost 5500php for 2.