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Discussion in '☋ Dumaguete City ☋' started by PatO, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. PatO

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    Some of you may be interested in considering Silliman Hospital for the birth of your child, so I will share my positive experience. Firstly, let me state we wanted a private room (as opposed to sharing a room with six beds and pregnant women and their visitors in it. There are very nice new rooms in the new wing but none were available on the day we checked in so we took a room in the old room with construction going on above us. After the baby was born on the 2nd day we offered a room in the new wing, but with my wife recovering from C-section and the baby just born, we didn't want the hassle of moving. The construction got noisy after 8:30pm but I was able to get the nurse supervisor and get that changed, and we didn't have any night time construction the next 2 nights.
    The meals they served my wife were all good, no problem. No towels or toilet paper was put in the room so we brought our own. The aircon worked fine and they had Sky Cable tv. The two doctors - wife's and baby's - were absolutely fantastic as were the nurses and helpers. The admin procedure was very well organized and no problem checking out.
    The two doctors were paid separately and all the hospital bills lumped together. There is a dining room where you can buy a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Parking is available on the street. In summary, I hope this baby is our one and only but if another gift comes along, we would use Silliman again. You can PM me if you want more details.

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  2. c_rymz

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    congratulations Pato and Crislyn :smile: that baby is sure a wonderful blessing :smile:
  3. Jack Peterson

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    As Always

    :smile: Hi Pat. it seems things are as Normal, at Silliman Maternity. After 12 years, we still, hear good Reports about the Unit, Azon had nothing but praise, as you have given, We know nothing is perfect in this world, Child Birth, is as important in the PI as anywhere else, very reassuring to all to know, that we have a Hospital that can and do continue, to get at least one thing right. Azon, Trisha and I, hope things will continue to Go in the Right Direction. :wink:

    Jack P.:smile:
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