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Siquijor Island Resorts?

Discussion in '☋ Apo - Siquijor - Bohol ☋' started by Davvid, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. Davvid

    Davvid Guest Guest User

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    Which is the best resort to stay at Coral Cay, or Coco Grove and what do they have to offer. Is the swimming from the beach good. Do they offer fishing trips
  2. JoeMabini

    JoeMabini DI Member

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    Of the two, Coco Grove has more to offer in the way of amenities, but is more "commercial". Both of those places have their up an down sides... Coral Cay is literally on the beach and easy access, has a platform about 100 meters out to swim and sun yourself, and offers free use of sea kayaks to guests. Coco Grove is a hike downhill from the front desk to the sea and has plenty of things you can do for a price. The food is about equal, okay but not spectacular and overpriced.

    There are other resorts on the island, two of which come to mind... Villa Mar Marine and The Danish lagoon. I would recommend either of those because they are good people and give back to the community.
  3. john boy

    john boy DI Forum Luminary

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    Wirral near Liverpool UK
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    We stayed at the Norwegian Dream resort, native style villa with mod cons at £36 a night for four persons sharing, the breakfast was good too. not aware of sea kayaks or other facilities though.
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