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super typhoon

Discussion in '☋ General Chat ☋' started by jimeve, Oct 2, 2009.

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    I have to agree with you :o
    I tried several ways to find out the latest news about the Philippines and have relied on the Dumaguete Forum for info.
    Europe seems preoccupied with recovery from Bank failures and not Humanitarian issues :o
    I get so angry :mad:
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    Is USA not part of united nations,:rolleyes:and did Japan and good old US of A
    not occupied the Phills.the above mentioned are based in around south East Asia. why have a pop at UK, UK assistance

    The United Kingdom will provide £500,000 to the Philippines as part of the disaster recovery effort following the devastation caused by tropical storm Ondoy.

    The British government has announced through its Department for International Development the assistance to typhoon victims.

    International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander said, “Natural disasters have a devastating impact wherever they strike but nowhere more so than in the developing world. It is right that we should play our part in the relief and recovery efforts in the Philippines. Britain stands ready to support those in need in times of crisis through government funding but also through the generosity of our individual citizens.”

    Leading UK aid agencies announced broadcast appeals on radio
    and TV for public funds to help those affected by the typhoons.

    Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) chief executive Brendan Gormley announced the appeal.

    “DEC member agencies are already responding despite the appalling conditions on the ground but we urgently need the public’s help to fund their work. We recognize that these are difficult and uncertain times for many people in the UK too but we have no doubt that there will still be a strong desire to help,” Gormley said.

    British Ambassador Stephen Lillie welcomed the appeals.

    “The terrible flooding caused by typhoon Ondoy has caused immense human suffering in the Philippines. It’s right that the United Kingdom, as a close friend and partner of the Philippines, should contribute to the relief effort. I hope that this contribution will make a real difference,” Lillie said.

    “Despite the huge suffering, the disaster has also demonstrated the positive attitude and genuine humanity of the Filipino people as they help each other to get back to normality. I’d also like to pay tribute to the individual efforts of many members of the British community in Manila, who have been getting personally involved in the relief effort.”

    Lillie and other members of the British community, including the British Women’s Association, helped distribute relief goods to over 1,000 typhoon victims in Payatas.
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