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Time for new Introductions.

Discussion in '☋ Dumaguete City ☋' started by grandpainak, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. grandpainak

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    Today I got up to read "dobs', need new focus" and agree.
    I think introducing ourselves would help all of us to understand each other a little better. In doing so it might reduce the amount of strife on/in this forum.
    So I'll go first:
    I'm Jim and wife is Maria. We currently live in Alaska USA. I was born in Michigan USA and moved to AK in 1975. I married Maria in the SU Church in 1987. I am almost 61 (next month) and Maria is 50. We do not drink or smoke. We are planning our retirement in Dumaguete. But due to personal reasons we might not be able to make the move for another 2 years but we are both praying sooner than that.
    My handel here on DI is grandpainak which means, "GrandPa in AK" (Alaska). If you would like to know more about me just ask, my life is an open book.
  2. wretched_hyena

    wretched_hyena DI Member

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    Okay, I'll go next, then. My name is Richard Hayner, hence the handle, Wretched Hyena. My wife is Rebecca, from Manila. We've been married 17 years, two kids (both border collies- I've got two grown daughters from the first marriage). We plan to build a house and retire on our property on the outskirts of Dumaguete in about eleven years. My mother-in-law is from there (name is Catan). Her brother owns Mapecon Pest Control. I'm an artist (I've work in the sign business for over thirty years) and a writer, an old hippie and still a peace activist. You can see my website at Texas International Pop Festival - Home Page about the book I'm writing. You can also see my bus there. It's a school bus I converted into an RV, painted up like a hippie bus. It's got a toilet, shower, stove, fridge, etc. I hope to have a studio on my property where Filipino artists who might not be able otherwise can use the facilities and get inspiration and support.
  3. Rhoody

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    Name: Rhoody
    country of origin: Bavaria (that part of germany where people are not grumpy, eat weisswurst and drink weissbier at 10 in the morning)
    age: 37
    married: No
    Kids: not that I know
    In the PH since 7 years, 4 years in PG, 3 years in Duma
    occupation: sound-technician, MSDT, webmaster
    interests: diving, loud music, positiv people, good food, cold drinks
    goal in live: die happy
  4. loftyone

    loftyone DI Member

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    Name: Kevin (Lofty)
    Country of origin: New Zealand
    Married: to Angelita from Sibulan for 22 years
    Currently live in Perth, Australia
    Kids: 16 year old son and 13 year old daughter (bloody aussies)
    Spent 3 years in the Phils in the 80's including a year in Dumaguete
    Occupation: Project Manager
    Interests: rugby, politics & current affairs, music, horse racing, motorbikes, travelling, beer, planning our retirement home in Sibulan
  5. RHB

    RHB DI Senior Member

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    Name: jon
    age: 61
    Country of origin; from U.S., ended up in Toronto as a copy writer.
    Married to a lovely Filipina Ading from Siaton
    Residing in the Philippines 4 years, Dumaguete 2 years
    Occupation: I made a point of changing careers every so often :-)
    artist ,musician, teacher, project management, photo journalist, historian.
    interests: see above plus playing with blogs lately.
    also old hippie, worked with the Southern Christian Leadership Council in 60's, later studied at the University of NC with concentration on reconstruction and civil rights in the post cival war era. Anything else you want to know will have be over a cold drink!
  6. tubigboy

    tubigboy DI Forum Adept

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    My name is Mark and my wife's name is Gina. I am half German and Half Irish and all American. My wife is half Spanish and half Filipina and all American. We lived in Guam for around 10 years previous to this. For the past 4 years, we have lived in Makati. We have one boy aged 12. We are moving to Dumaguete in March. We plan to rent for a year and during that time, scout around for some property to buy and then build a house.

    I am the Managining Director of a water treatment company and my specialtiy is working with Sugar mills. I cover all of Asia and the Pacific. Hence the name Tubig (water) boy, like the movie.

    I am 46 and my better half or wife is 36 years old. Our son is 12 years old.

    I like to read books, drink beer, play chess, drink beer,and enjoy all sporting activities. Did I say drink beer twice? I like beer!
  7. tipmart87

    tipmart87 DI Member

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    Donesa and me

    Well here goes.

    I was introduced to Donesa via her cousin in early 2006, we corresponded with each other via e-mail, letters and many many phone calls. We got to know each other pretty well and then I finally arrived in the Philippines in January of 2007 to meet with her (and her whole family in Davao)

    I was originally born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, many, many years ago. I worked there until I was 28, then I went to work in snow ski resorts where I taught skiing in France and New Zealand. I spent 7 years moving from one country to the next before finally moving back to London to 'settle down' and get a real job. I moved to California in 2002 and have been here ever since.

    Donesa was from Mangagoy, Bislig and had just finished and graduated from her caregiver course when I started writing to her. I spent a week in her home when we first met and it was a wonderful experience for me. Her family and neighbors were so friendly towards me and I have great memories (apart from the constant rain) of my time in her village.

    After staying in her home town, I took her to Bohol and then to Cebu. And before long our first trip together was over. I returned in November of last year and we went to Moal Boal where Donesa experienced her first scuba diving adventure and passed with flying colors, and now she wants to complete her open water certification. Donesa is now studying web design in Cebu and enjoys badminton and indoor climbing in her spare time

    Neither of us drink or smoke and I have been a pretty active sports person all my life. I've played badminton and soccer for Ireland and represented Great Britain at two winter Olympics. I enjoy climbing and Donesa has joined me in all these activities, which, I will have to put a stop to soon as she is getting better than me (she has youth on her side!! :smile: ).

    We hope some day to settle in the Philippines and are looking for a place that we would like to retire to. It will be itneresting to have a look around Dumagute and see how it compares to Cebu

    Thank you all for the warm welcome so far

    M & D
  8. sheelah

    sheelah DI Member

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    It seems as if the first responders to this thread are all guys. Let me do the honors of introducing myself.

    I am Sheelah and yes, that's how it's really spelled. I am 27 years old and I'm originally from Davao but moved to Dumaguete in 1994. Even though it's a much smaller place, I learned to like the fact that everybody knew everybody. I met my soulmate Jason in 2000. We've been happily married since 2003. Because of the nature of his job in the military, I was able to spend a few months in Japan before he was up for orders again. Even though Italy was our first choice, I couldn't be any happier with being "stuck" here in San Diego since 2004. The winters are mild and we're so close to the ocean that it reminds me of Dumaguete at times. Oh, and I got to see Shamu too which was a bonus:smile:

    We don't have any children yet but we're planning on conceiving this year. If and when we do, you'll be the first to know:smile:

    As for my hobbies, I love to travel to different places. I am into reading books when I have time. I'm also into movies, typically chick flick:wink:
  9. dobs

    dobs DI New Member

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    Dobs here, Patrick is the name:
    I hail from Iowa, born in Kansas City Kansas, grew up in Ottumwa Iowa.
    Corn fed and country bred. I have no university education, went to the school of hard knox.
    I was luckey enough to survive my youth grow up and start a bussiness from my driving trucks, I owned a fleet of short haul rigs and learned by doing, not reading. Now I sold my bussiness, for a nice sum and looked at what I was about. I never traveled away from the midwest, I came to the Philippines this year with a friend, he got me started, showed me some ropes.
    about 50 years old, I have the good fortune to be with a wonderful girl I met in Cebu. We are traveling about, now in Negros, might end up here, but there are 6999 more islands to explore.
  10. jellyfish

    jellyfish DI Forum Patron

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    Excellent idea this thread Jim (Grandpaniak).
    See how many have already responded on the first day !
    I'm John, born in the Netherlands and now living in Maluay near to Zamboanguita. I went for diving to the Philippines 8 times and after my divorce 3 years ago I decided to move to that beautiful country.
    I'm not (yet) married with my beautiful GF Analee and she is not forcing me that way, so we keep it probably that way.
    I'm retired since 5 years.
    Many hobbies: Diving (instructor), filming (mostly under water), making music (trumpet), painting (oil), video editing, drinking cool beer (or tanduay :smile: ) and looking around to nice sceneries and beautiful people.
    I left behind in the Netherlands my 2 beautiful daughters with 3 grand children and one (girl) coming next June, so I will have a good reason to visit them again.
    I love Dumaguete and selected this area after a search in Bohol, Cebu, Negros and Panay. No regrets so far :wink:
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