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Tourist Visa for the states.

Discussion in '☋ Expat Section ☋' started by dodong, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. OnMyWay

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    I don't reckon it's just about terrorism Jack. When in america some people qualify for free medical, food stamps for groceries, government housing, welfare, transport to and from medical appointments, and a list of benefits that cost the taxpayers money.

    Here in the Philippines, you and I don't have a single benefit like that. We can spend our money but there is no other benefits given to us.

    Some Filipinas have discovered that claiming Domestic abuse on arrival in America stops their visa time periods indefinitely until the case is resolved. It's gotten to be quite a regular occurrence.

    Not a lot of people without visa's storming ashore to the Philippines. Quite the contrary, next time at the ariport immigration counter have a look over at the "OFW" line.....

    Just some food for thought,
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    Same in Europe.
    Upon arrival in the airport, flushing passport true the toilet
    No papers.
    Country? don't know, no understand ,ASYLUM!!!!
    Take years before the authority's find out.
    By that time, integrated, ready for our social system and reunion of the whole family.
    Why is the embassy so strict???????????????????????